Saturday, October 4, 2008

Silly photos

Over the years I have done many school photos. One thing that seems constant with school leavers is the demand for the 'silly photo' of the group. In the days of film this used to irritate me a bit as it cost film and no one ever bought them. These days I count down from 10 and at about 3 start taking photos.
These young people are our future leaders, at least one in this group will be at the Olympics in London, and others will succeed and fail just like everyone else, but they don't know that. After 13 years at school they are both concerned and excited about what happens next year. Those that have a good firm plan will do the best, others will get some way and then change direction. All will look back on this year and wonder why they did not do better. That is just in the nature of humanity.
I have been caught. I have a fairly prominent moustache, and a few years ago all the guys in the group pulled out false whiskers for the silly photos. This age group is, if nothing else, very witty.
Good luck you lot.

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