Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A sharp intake of breath.

On Sunday Adam Jamie was Baptised. It was a real family affair, the service was conducted by Father Brendon, who is Adam's uncle, and family members were the Godparents. Even the photographer is a second cousin of Adam's.
This sacrament was started 2000 odd years ago by some guy known as John the Baptist, who was a cousin of Jesus Christ. Adam's event took place in the Church of John the Baptist, Alexandra. Some one once told me that the Church was called John the Baptist because it was beside the biggest river (for volume) in New Zealand.
None of this stuff was worrying Adam, who slept through the whole thing, except the sharp intake of breath when contacted by the water.
Father Brendon told the story of King Louis the 9th, King of France, who went on to become a Saint. He lived from 1214 through to 1270. For his official seal he used "Louis of Poissey". When he was asked why he did not use the official Royal seal, or the seal of Reims where he was crowned he replied "I was Baptised in Poissey. Though I was crowned in Reims, it is better to be a child of God, than Ruler of a Kingdom".
After Mass most of the Parish went up to the Presbytery for morning tea. Just as well there is a large lawn and it was a nice day.

I did another Baptism later the same day. Though it may not be fashionable, it is certainly very common.

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