Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bob and Vini

In one of my previous posts I said that most of my photos had the human face in them, but this one is not so specific, but it has a good story.
Pictured is a group of children from Clyde School, singing to a group of about 50 adults, while the children from another school sit in the foreground waiting their turn. So why on a Wednesday would 2 schools go to the trouble of taking some singers to a lunch for a bunch of adults?
Kathi McLean is an enthusiastic sort of person, and some years ago she organised REAP to supply adults who had time to go into the local schools at a time that suited all, to listen to children read. A friend of mine has been doing this every Tuesday afternoon for a couple of years, two children, half an hour each, a bit of reading and then a game of something. Or maybe a puzzle. On those Tuesday afternoons when my friend could not make it, he would get me to step in, if I had time. So on several Tuesdays I would go to the school near me, and listen to the reading of Bob and Vini.These two guys were always pleased to see me and keen to show off their latest skills with the language. (I sometimes believe that if I had covered the pictures in the books they would have had no idea, but I will save my opinions about teaching reading to boys for some other time). We would have a game of cards, using the official rules (otherwise they make up their own), or a game of connect four, or even just noughts and crosses. Sometimes the attention strayed a bit, but generally they were good. In the room with me would be four or five other adults, and as many children, doing the same thing. Good fun.
This happens only for the two middle terms of the year, so at the start of the fourth term all the adults involved go out to lunch. That is what is happening in the photo, and the children come and sing by way of thanks.
I did not see Bob and Vini there though. Maybe they were, as Vini would put it, 'grounded again'.

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