Thursday, July 2, 2009


We are right in the thick of the Rugby season now, and I have been trying to do some action shots from various games. Carrying the ball in this photo is Jared Cook. Jared plays for St. Kevin's College second fifteen, though I would be happy to have him in the Firsts. But the interesting thing about this photo is the body language of the boy from South Otago High School, who Jared has just gone passed. He is so annoyed he has dropped his head to try and get the extra speed required to catch up. Jared proved here that though he does not look that fast, he is in fact very quick, and none of the defenders could get to him. He ran from about the halfway and scored well inside the corner flag. St. Kevin's went on to win this game, as they have done with all their others, but did not have it all their own way. It was a good game to watch, and I had good reason to watch it.

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