Tuesday, July 14, 2009

50 years of service

Fifty years? These two don't look old enough.
Over the last few weeks I have been privileged to do the photos for three Gold Star presentations. When a Fireman or woman serves for twenty five years, they receive a Gold Star. Only about 5% of people who signup ever receive this award. So why have I called this post 50 years of service? Because these two here both worked as volunteers for the Clyde Volunteer Fire Brigade for twenty five years. Carol Haig has worked as the treasurer and other rolls for many years, and her husband John Haig has put in 25 years of fire fighting. He is currently the Deputy Fire Chief of the Brigade. He is also the coach of their very good competition team, and has a turnout record up in the mid 90% area.
The brigade honoured them with the full dine and dance, and everyone, which seemed to be most of the town, had a great time.

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