Tuesday, July 14, 2009

50 years service 2

These two gentlemen pictured with their wives have served the Ravensbourne Volunteer Fire Brigade for a total of fifty years. Ross Bryant (on the left) joined the Brigade a couple of months ahead of Neale Davys, twenty five years ago. Both received the Gold Star award on the same night in front of a big crowd of friends and relations at the Ravensbourne Hall. During both of their speeches, they acknowledged the help their wives had given them during this time, which is why I included them in the photo. And these guys left this room and went and cut two huge cakes. I am sure they would have to have another party to eat them.
They are the Chief and Deputy Chief of the Brigade, and are both highly respected in the community. This was pointed out by all those who spoke.
Some other awards are usually presented on Gold Star night, and this Brigade was well represented with talented members.
I had another job early the next morning, but when I left at midnight, the party was just getting started.

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