Thursday, November 13, 2008

The wide view

I am not sure how this will turn out, as I have had to reduce the size of it somewhat. This is three photos welded together, and is the view of "our valley". The town in which I live is just out of sight on the extreme left.
This photo was taken early in the morning during the winter. It was fairly cold, but we were above the frost line. A few minutes after taking this, the sun got to our side of the hill, and every few minutes the view changed with the new light.
I am not much of a photographer when it comes to landscapes. I never seem to get them 'how they should look' and I really admire guys that get it right every time. It does not seem to be that I can't see it, it's just the photo is never what I expect, or hoped for. However, I was quite pleased with this one, and a few others in the series.
This hill on which I stand is for sale. I am not sure if I approve of it's subdivision or not, as the view from the bottom of it is also outstanding. I am not sure that putting houses etc all over it is in the best interests of the landscape. At night this hill becomes a black silhouette, and having lights on it would not be good.
However, if I could afford it, would this be the view that I would like to wake up to each day?

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