Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Long Lunch

There is no photo with this post as, foolishly, I did not take my camera. Two of our sons and I have just got back from the meal assessment for the Long Lunch. Once again Chef has been asked to prepare a meal fit for royalty for this event, run by Promote Dunstan. It generally happens sometime during the Thyme Festival, and seems to be organised by author and journalist Louise Joyce and others on the Promote Dunstan panel.
I am quite well known for being a meat and three veg type person, cheap to run and easy to please. However the meal tonight was very good. The only comment I made was that there was to much mint in the mint and gooseberry pie. Need less to say this was not a common complaint, everyone else thought it was fine. It's just that when I have gooseberry pie, I expect only gooseberries. And pie.
Someone else took some photos of the meal so I will rely on them.
I do not know how to get a ticket, but if you google it I daresay something will happen.

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