Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Lunch 3

The Long Lunch mentioned in previous posts has now taken place. I will write out the menu....
The lower photo is of the entree, which is .....
- Shredded Rabbit in Cherry Port with creamy spinach in rice paper roll.
- Small tomato tarte with hummus and olives.
- Hare salami on sour dough (bread) with quince and fig relish.
The upper photo is the mains. They were...
- Poached lamb and thyme sausage on Puy lentil with walnut, beetroot and goats' cheese salad.
- Filo rabbit rotolo with fresh tomato and thyme sauce.
- Salad of green bean, asparagus, almond and roasted red pepper with red current and shallot dressing.
- Honey mustard coleslaw with a garlic and parsley aioli.
The desert, as mentioned previously, was gooseberry and mint pie.
The Chef seems pleased with the way it all went.
This event marked the end of Thyme Week, which is timed to happen when the thyme growing wild on the hills around Central Otago is in flower. All of the ingredients used are available locally, except maybe the lentils, as there is reputed to be something special about them. There is certainly plenty of rabbit available in the district.
I know Chef will tell me that I should have cleaned up the plates before taking the photos, but frankly there was just not time. While I was taking these the helpers were waiting to take the food to the tables, and I figured that those at the tables had a greater need than I.
And, just for a change, there were some leftovers.

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