Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vince and Monique

I started photographing weddings late compared with many other photographers. I had been in the industry for 12 years before I attempted my first, and it was really by way of a favour. It could have been better, but since the payment was two sides of mutton, I think it was good value. I learned a lot, and by carefully going over the photos with the new Bride and Groom a week later, I learned even more. They were very pleased with them. I was not quite so pleased, but learned from that lengthy meeting that it does not pay to point out to the couple what is wrong with the photos. Everyone has a different perspective, and my perspective was of a super critical perfectionist, which is not what they were looking for. I shot that first wedding with a Minolta XE5 and a 50mm lens, and an RB67 with 6x4.5 backs for the formals. With the advent of the slower super fine grain films, I shifted to totally 35mm film. I have no idea how many rolls of Fuji Reala I used, as printed on Kodak paper really did produce the goods.
I do not know exactly how many weddings I have done since, but the last count several years ago was 614.
It would be fair to say that I have enjoyed them all. The youngest couple were a pair of 19 year olds and the oldest Groom was 72, with a 53 year old Bride. (The MC at this wedding accused him of 'cradle snatching'!).
On Saturday I was fortunate indeed to be at Vince and Monique's wedding. These two have been practicing the art of being 'laid back' for quite awhile I would say, and Saturday's event was not going to change that. I always try to brief the Groom to 'strike a pose like the Chief of the Tribe' but sometimes that just does not work. In the above photo, which I especially selected to make the point, Vince looks much more like 'the cat who has just got the cream'. And, if you want my opinion, he has every right to have that look.
Good luck, you two. I won't always remember your wedding anniversary, but I hope I have given you something to help you remember it.

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