Sunday, March 1, 2009

Locals win....

The Dunstan Golf Club at Clyde has a long history of golf and good parties. We used to live over the road from the club rooms, so we know about the parties. Anyway, over the last weekend, the Club hosted the 14th Dunstan Ladies Classic. Though the course is not a full size, the players seem to flow though it well, and everyone has a great time.
In the above photo, the two winners are each side of the Club's President. And this was a bit different, in that in all the years I have been taking photos at this tournament, I can not remember two ladies on the organising committee winning. Many have been in the places, but I am sure no organiser has won it. These two were not only on the organising team, but also played the best golf.
I did not stay long at the party, but I bet it went on.......

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