Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a multi sport event held every year at about this time, based here in Alexandra. This year was the 13th held. Every year, I have been involved in either taking or printing photos for this 'marathon'. Gold Rush is the longest for distance event in New Zealand and is very popular. There is usually a waiting list to get in, and some come a long way to compete. Prizes are won by entering, but if you win you get a very nice trophy.
The above photo is of Graham Sinnamon helping his team mate into a kayak. Taken about 5 minutes after the start, the kayaker has already run about 1.5k down to the river, where he is helped to get launched. He then paddles down Lake Roxburgh, usually taking a bit over two hours. Some take considerably longer.
These two have done all 13 Gold Rushes, and this year their usual cyclist could not get here, so just hours before the start they were looking for anyone who could ride a bike. The one they found turned in very good times, so for the first time this team won their section, which I think was Mens Teams. I don't think they are old enough for the veterans, but I might be wrong.
The determination shown by these guys over the years is really typical of the whole event. People just keep going and going, and next year they will come back so they can do it again.
It is good to be involved in an event where everyone is determined to enjoy themselves. They will forget the pain.

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