Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Water on ..... 2

It's not that I stand poised waiting for someone to make a mistake when photographing Fire men and women when at competitions. It's just that sometimes things don't go to the plan. The idea in the above photo is to connect both hoses to the hydraulic lifter between the feet of the fireman on the right. The man on the pump, out of sight, has put too much water in the smaller hose, before it could be connected. Though both guys pictured got soaked, the mistake cost very little time. Once both hoses are connected, the lifter is dropped into the tank, behind the right hand fireman's feet, and the pump then extracts water from the tank. I have been told that it is possible to cycle the water in the pump continuously, using only the water from the tank to put on the fire. These guys can lay and connect three hoses, extract the water and knock down a target in about 35 seconds. They are quick.

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