Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gold Rush 2

This year in Gold Rush there were 20 teams entered from various Secondary Schools in Otago and Southland. Some of them produced very good times, but the fastest was from Mt. Aspiring College from Wanaka. They were well organised, worked as a team, and were well ahead at the end.
In the above photo, a young lady from one of the school teams gets near the end of the paddle on Lake Roxburgh on day one. If she looks exhausted it is no surprise. She has been on the water paddling into a head wind for about 3 hours. While the lake looks quite calm here, we were relatively sheltered. Further down the lake it was quite rough, and more than one arrived very wet. This lady knows that in about another 50 metres she can get out and hand the bib onto her cyclist team mate.
It is interesting to note the different attitude schools have to this event. Some had large teams of supporters, even the Principal of one school was there, others leave it to the parents to do everything. One school issues 'Blues' to those who do well in this event.
This event is very practical PE.

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