Sunday, March 22, 2009

Karen and Darren

The above photo was taken just before Karen and Darren's wedding at Toko Mouth. The original idea was to have the wedding on the beach, but the day just did not suit such a plan. There were many large drops of water falling from a very low sky, and the drops were very close together. Never mind, they are still married, and we turned the Toko Mouth hall into a studio after the wedding to do the formals.
Traditionally, I go to where the Bride is getting dressed to start. Usually all the girls are there, and her parents, so I can get those photos done while she is 'perfect', before braving the elements. And I am always impressed by the 'togetherness' of all at this time. It seems that the Bride can do nothing without input from all there. Karen is getting her necklace on here, at the same time she gets opinion on it's suitability from her sister and the Bridesmaid. There was probably advice being given on other subjects as well, though usually I am concentrating so do not take much notice.
And no one mentioned the weather again. It was not the main event.

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