Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello Cousin...

Humour is alive and well in this part of the country. These two wags, reputedly from the Oamaru Volunteer Fire Brigade, have walked into the prize giving party with their team mascot, and walked right up to the official who most looks like their mascot. A whole conversation then took place about various relations etc.
The 'theft' of mascots and signs between the teams is rife, so if you look carefully, you can see that the mascot is handcuffed to one of the wags, so neither can get lost.


  1. My parents attended this weekend on the Friday night at the past presidents dinner and in the conference and Past presidents photos both men and ladies. They were the ones who had their wedding anniversary. Do you have proofs of the photos on line anywhere?

  2. Dad. There is not one mention of me in any of these blogs!!! I feel insulted!! nah, just jokes! its ok i will forgive you just this once. But don't let it happen again!! haha love ya xx