Friday, April 17, 2009

No Exit

It is a short road, about 100 metres long. No one lives on it. In fact, at the end of it is a field with horses. Then I looked again. All the horses seemed to be old, and thin. Maybe the sign is right.

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  1. Hi Don
    Not relating to your post but...

    I'm now living in the UK, but I'm in Italy again just now (guiding a tour of British vets and families) so the following may help.

    After the Battle magazine is distributed in NZ by:

    Dal McGuirk's "Military Archive"

    P.O. Box 24486
    Royal Oak
    Auckland 1030
    New Zealand

    Telephone: 021 627870
    Fax: 09-6252817


    Thanks for the supportive words on Colonel Blimp. I'm still hoping to get to the Tribunal, but it's difficult from here as you can imagine.