Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jeremiah Nolan

This is Maree Cooper. She is standing beside the headstone of her Great Grandparents in the Macraes Flat cemetery.
She is telling me to hurry up because it is raining that light Easterly drizzle that is common in that area, though the locals would deny it.
The search and research for pioneers is becoming more popular. Neil Roy, who farms in the Moonlight Valley, and is acknowledged as the local historian, tells me there are more people calling on him for information all the time.
I wonder if Maree went back to the graveside the next day when the rain had stopped. It would have been the anniversary of Jeremiah Nolan's death.
I have a personal interest in this. Jeremiah Nolan and Mary Mahoney were also my Great Grandparents.


  1. Hi there. I think that I am also a grand-daughter of Jeremiah and Mary Nolan as my grand father married a daughter Mary Josephine in 1914 thus becoming a Zimmerman. Would love some contact. Dale

  2. Dale, go to 'View my complete profile' and send me an email.