Monday, April 13, 2009

Break Out

Over the last weekend, I was fortunate to be taking photos at the 125th jubilee of the Lawrence Rugby Club.
This small town has a long history, and it's Rugby Club has been well established and continues to be well run. Every one in the community seems to be involved in some way, and though they have struggled for numbers at times, still manage to field teams in most grades. From the under 7's through to the Golden Oldies, they certainly enjoy their Rugby, and over the last few years it has been showing, with some very good results.
When one gets into the rural heartland of this country, 'time' seems to become less of a problem. When it came to photographing 250 past and present members in one big group, no time for this happening was made until the day. This meant that those who wanted to be in the photo had to be there and be ready. As it was, at about 11.00am it was decided to do the big photo at 2.00pm. The whole town seemed to know this within minutes, and by 2.00pm all who should have been there, were there.
In the above photo, Max, who seems to be the quintessential prop, bursts from the maul with the ball, in what I think is the under 11 years game. Max has the advantage of racing strips in his haircut, which must add to his speed, and he played well throughout. On the Sunday, when all the photos were on display, he seemed quite chuffed that I had 'got him', as he thought that he did not get many runs with the ball. He already shows all the thinking that props demonstrate, as I heard one from the golden oldies game complain about the same thing.
This three day, (or maybe four... I was not there on Monday) party was very well organised by a solid committee lead by Roger Cotton and Willis Paterson. They had a good team, and 125 years of Rugby has taught them that it is the team that makes it work.
Thanks guys, what about 130 years?

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