Monday, May 18, 2009

You talk funny....

She is Alyssa McCarty. She is seven years old. She is bright, and unlike many with Cerebral Palsy, she speaks very well. She comes from Taranaki, in the North Island of New Zealand.
Alyssa is lying on a grey blanket, on the floor of the Johnsonville Scout Hall, on the outskirts of Wellington. She is being measured for adjustments to be made to her Hart Walker. She does this twice a year.

He is Albert Brandel. He is big, and tough. He is a retired Police detective from New York City. He is also the President of Lions International, responsible for 1.3 million volunteers who belong to Lions worldwide.
There is no grey blanket left for Al, he is on the floor.
Al has never done this before.

She says to him...... "You talk funny".
He says.... "You talk funny too" and then starts a long conversation about Kindy, School, home, family, walking.
So why would the World President of Lions International be doing such a thing?

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  1. Am looking at some of our travels and experiences. This day was on of the highlights of my life. This is just an example of what good people do throughout the world. Am proud to be associated with such people as the Lions in New Zealand.