Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday picnic

The Chef and I have, over the years, tried to have the summer's Sunday evening meal with the family on a river bank, or at lakes edge, or even just under some trees somewhere. This policy has meant that we know lots of good places to go in any conditions, and it has meant that our children are real explorers, if you know what I mean. Tonight we went to the Omeo Stream. It has Omeo Creek on the sign post, but some how stream sounds better. We were there only a few minutes when the boys produced six or seven fresh water crayfish. There seems just nothing like a small stream of clean water running over a few rocks to immediately captivate boys of any age. There is always something to find. Around here there are still plenty of these small streams, and we should work to keep it that way.
The above photo is of a New Zealand native fresh water crayfish. They live in any body of fresh water as long as it is clean. Though he was on my dinner plate, he was not keen on staying there for long. Even he seemed to know that he had to be cooked first. Fortunately for this guy, and his mates, we had other things to eat, so he went back in the stream.

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