Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Californian Poppy

One of my readers lives in California.
During the Gold Rush, in the early days of Central Otago, real keen miners came from the gold fields of California to here. Somewhere in the boots or cuff of trousers were seeds of this plant. Now they grow all over Central Otago, but seem to do best in the driest places. And, I have it on good authority from a visiting Californian, that the poppies that grow here have much bigger flowers than those that grow in their native land. I do not know about that, but I do know that this flower "glows" when captured on film. I have a large photo of two flowers on my wall, and they glow unlike any other flower photos I have taken. It does not seem to work as well with digital, but than I have not done any biggies off the digital.
These flowers are growing in my neighbours driveway. The colours are just stunning.

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