Sunday, January 11, 2009

Queenstown 1958

The above photo should probably be in 'the value of photos' section, but I have given it it's name for good reason. It was taken in 1958 by writer and author Ric Oram, ("An Autumn Journey" with Louise Joyce and "Pinot Pioneers - A history Of the Central Otago Wine Industry"). Ric was 15 when he took this on his Kowa 35mm view camera. Subsequently he spent many years as a reporter and photographer for The New Zealand Herald.
This is a very small copy of the original slide. Ric showed me this after some discussion about old photos of this area. My next door neighbour has a 1925 hand painted colour photo (he says it a lithograph, but I still do not think this is the right word) of Queenstown. It shows more of the town than the above photo, but this one still shows the extent of the changes all the same. In 1958 a farm was still a farm, not a plot suitable for subdivision. Anyway, we are now 50 years on from the above, and it is probably time that someone went up the hill and reproduced the modern equivalent. It looks to be taken from the old road to Bobs Peak, but I will stand corrected.
Ric is considering marketing this photo, so get hold of him if you need one.

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