Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nightcaps Schools 125th Jubilee

I have just spent a very enjoyable weekend in Nightcaps. I was very privileged to be in attendance at the Jubilee celebrating 125 years of education in the district. Several schools have been involved in this, but only one remains open.
In the above photo, 250 odd (I have not counted them) past pupils lined up on a very hot afternoon to be in the picture. The locals assured me it was not especially hot, they were used to it in that area, but I was getting the hurry up while taking this photo as they were complaining that they were melting. However one has to get thirsty before one can appreciate having a drink, and the ability of this group to enjoy themselves seemed limitless.
I wish to thank Graeme Sinclair for inviting me, Scotty and Biggles for putting the grandstand in place, Biggles' twin brother for shifting all the furniture, Pam for doing the sign, and Sandra King for organising my meal. There were heaps of others who helped the weekend go well, in fact everyone one in the photo, but maybe a mention should be made of the Polaschek Brothers for the entertainment. While I am at it I should mention John and Sandra Carmichael who let me stay at their place during a very busy weekend for them. Thanks guys.
It was a great weekend, and I reserve the right to put up more photos in future.

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