Friday, January 23, 2009

A good start

Last weekend, myself and 4 of our children were involved in the Colgate Games, in Invercargill. This is probably the biggest athletics meet in the South Island. For 30 years now Colgate have sponsored these games, and a good job they make of it. I think there were about 750 athletes there, and the usual number of supporters, some of whom were very dedicated. Between my son Andrew and I we did over 2000 photos of these guys going faster, higher, and whatever else athletes do. There were both girls and boys up to the age of 14, and a very full program to keep everyone busy.
I have called this post 'a good start' because before I took this photo, before the gun had gone off, these girls practiced the start over and over again. And then it was explained to me with a certain amount of surety by a 10 year old who seemed to know these things, that whoever got the best start had the best chance of winning, because of the tail wind. Then I thought I could extend it into a general lecture about giving ones' children a good start, but then when I look at all those who did not get a good start but who still do well, went right off the idea. The longer the race, the less important the start is, I suppose. I can tell you that some of these children are very fast indeed.
These games were very well organised, well run. Sport was the winner.

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