Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You talk funny 6.

Last year I wrote several posts on this subject. This time I can describe the outcome of this story.
In the top photo is the Lions Hero Award.  This award  was started by Lions International President Al Brandel, and is awarded to the district world wide which has the best project.
The lower photo is much more significant. Holding the trophy is Genny Hanning, who is New Zealand's national director for the Hart Walker project. 
At the Multi district Lions Convention in Ashburton recently, Genny explained that the honour of winning of this trophy belonged to all New Zealand Lions.  However, I noted that there were quite a few who thought that Genny alone deserved the trophy, as the project she runs has been shown to be world class. Regardless, history will show that to be the first time winners will set a standard that will be difficult to attain in future.
Genny is indeed, an everyday hero.

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