Monday, May 17, 2010

On top ...

Sometime in the 1920's, my Grandmother, Josephine Nolan, climbed Mt Taranaki, or Mt Egmont as it would have been known as then. I have no details regarding this climb, only that it happened.
Sometimes as a parent, one despairs at some of the things one's children do. I know my parents did, and I presume it is the same for all parents. But sometimes there are unforgettable moments of pride in what offspring can achieve. One of these moments happened for us in January this year, when our two youngest topped Mt Taranaki. Seven and a half hours, including half an hour on the top. I mean these guys were 16 and 15, so it was a really good effort.
They tell me that it was cold and windy on the top. This does not show in the very good photo Patrick took while there. A little of the terrain, some of the view, and mostly the climber, Michael. Well balanced, Patrick.
The lower photo I took on the track on the way down. The mountain in the background is impressive, as was the feat.

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