Monday, May 10, 2010

Missing bits

Two months ago I was photographing a group of people having a good time at Borland Lodge, on the edge of Fiordland. A lady came up to me and said that she was sorry that I had not posted anything on my blog since New Year, and gave me a gentle chiding. I explained that I had made a resolution that I would not do anything on my blog as long as I had work to do.
A month ago, the same lady came up to me when I was taking photos at Ashburton, and again expressed regret that nothing was appearing. She said that others had noticed as well.
When I got home I checked, and found that I had passed 500 readers, and wondered where they all came from, as I very rarely get comments. I was wondering if the effort was worth it as sometimes it takes days to prepare a post.
During a discussion with another blogger, I learned that starting a blog was easy, keeping it going was the hard bit. One runs out of things to write about, he said. I do not agree with that is my case, as I have lots of material.
So now we will get back into it.
Thank you for the 'gentle chiding'.

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