Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bob's Party

The much advertised birthday of Bob L deBerry has taken place. A good crowd of people gathered at his house at Cambrians to help him celebrate. I was probably the last one to turn up, as many appeared to have been there for tea, and had probably eaten Bob out of house and home. However I had the fireworks, so was made welcome. And there is nothing like Bob's home brew to replace any hunger I might have had.
The above photo is of one of his Woofer workers presenting a birthday cake. I was dismayed at the size of it, but it was evidently the second one presented, the other being a Danish cake, presented by a genuine Danish cake maker.
Other photos are on Bob's blog, the link to which is on the right of this page.
Thanks Bob, great party.

1 comment:

  1. Hallo Donald,
    have to put some things right.
    This cake was presented by a neighbour there where other cakes on the afternoon , but it was a danish wwoofer , anyhow the cake was nit bad.
    I am the german guy who keeps coming back for 30 years to Bobs birthday partys.
    Iam the one in the Frame if you have a look at the cambrian Blog and its pictures

    See you next time

    Or come to Germany , you are welcome