Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost treasures

I am no judge of art. I just know what I like.
My neighbour, Alan, showed me this painting some time ago. It is of Central Otago, probably in the Luggate area, or maybe over the other side of the river. I suspect the higher of the two peaks is Mt. Maude.
It has been painted by one "E.Griffin", or at least that is what is written on the bottom corner. There is no date or any other clues.
I was sure that it would be easy to find said E. Griffin. Just google it, and something would come up. I was sure that if someone had the talent to paint such a bright and cheerful picture, google would mention them.
Not a chance. There seem to be lots of artists in New Zealand with that surname, but none with the "E" bit.
What to do?
I know, I will email some of these Griffin artists, and see if they know.
I did that. None of them knew any thing about an E. Griffin, but all promised to keep working on it. I think they may even be interested.
If you recognise this painting, or know of someone with the "E.Griffin" bit, let me know.

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