Monday, February 9, 2009


First thing this morning I took some photos of Otago Country's best cricketers, (the Hawke Cup Team). They were in good spirits as they were in a good position in their two day game against competition leaders North Otago. However when I took the proofs back at 3.00pm, play had been stopped for 'bad light'. This was not in the best interests of the Country boys, as they had North Otago 'on the ropes'. Today would have been a usual summers day with our nor'wester, hot, dry, sometimes overcast. But because of the smoke from the fires in Australia, the light was 'different'. It was not really darker, it was unusual. We were caught under a band of quite thick smoke. After an hour or so it moved off to the south east, and the light went back to more usual hues. I was trying to figure a way of taking a photo of the effects of this light, but could produce nothing that could not be done with a filter or in photoshop, until tonight when I saw the moon. This sort of thing happens here every time there is a decent fire in Australia, but this time the smoke is very high in the atmosphere, and will probably go around the planet several times before it washes out.
I know the fires in Australia are no joke, as I have seen one or two closeup myself, and this time there has been considerable loss of life, but I have no sympathy at all for Australian cricketers. And when they interrupt the games over here....

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