Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is a photo I took recently of the Arrowtown Premier Rugby team. They had pretty much won everything going in the Otago Country competition, except the White Horse Cup, which is held by Alexandra. This team is well led by Aidan Winter, who is the sort of no nonsense loose forward that other clubs dream of having. I notice as well one Hayden Finch. I am sure this guy used to play for the New Zealand under 19 team, in fact I think they won the worlds while he was in the team. Hayden is from the Crescent Club in Kaitangata, where his family have been if not the backbone then certainly the ribs of the Crescent Club for many years. It will be interesting to watch Arrowtown next year, as some of the 'imports' may not be there. They do not have another team to draw from, (except the under eights, and it might be a few years.....)
I was a bit miffed as my big light has reflected on the shield, however they assured me that since this was the first time they had won it, they did not mind how prominent it was.
This type of photo where the printing is on the photo and not on top and bottom of a plain white border are certainly becoming more popular, and they really do look dramatic. The big poster I did for the Club wall certainly looked good.
Well done Arrowtown, good result.

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