Saturday, September 20, 2008

Steve Potter for President.

While this blog is intended mostly for my photos, I will occasionally stray into opinion.
Steve Potter is a quiet sort of person, but his determination is second to none.
Three years ago a friend of one of Steve's daughters (Shane Cribb) had a car accident. He was driving to work and ran into a police car which was doing a "U" turn in front of him. The police rigged it so it looked like the boys' fault, and charged him. He was duly convicted, forbidden to drive, and fined. Steve Potter was very upset by this and went to work. It took two years to get the conviction overturned, and yesterday the Police were ordered to pay $18,000.00 as compensation to Shane Cribb. I think this is a very small payout for all the stress etc, not to mention the injuries suffered, and the writing off of his car. Be that as it may, the whole town now waits for the next step, which will be the arrest of the person or persons responsible for the accident. I will post the outcome of that one in future, I hope.

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