Sunday, September 20, 2009

Natalie Anderson

This is the first photo I have posted on here that has been scanned from a film.
I took this photo, according to the film packet, on the 31st January, 1989.
I very much remember the day. It was hot, and very sunny, and very bright. We started at the Bride's parents house on Canal Road, on the Taieri Plain. The wedding itself was in the small Presbyterian Church at Outram. It was still hot when we came out, and was still hot later at the reception. It was a very happy wedding, with both families getting on well. I remember the Bride's younger sisters getting quite hysterical at the dancing antics of their new Brother in Law. I remember a group of males in one corner (self included) belting out the words to "Hey Jude". I do not remember one cross word for the whole day, though memory of the later stages of the night become hazy for some reason. But I think it was such a good wedding because of the qualities of the very young couple involved. Natalie and Murray were loved by everyone.
I could go on and give you the story between then and now, but I wont.
Natalie Anderson was killed about two weeks ago in a motor bike accident. About 1800 people turned out to her funeral, the biggest in the history of this town. During the tributes, it became obvious that this Bride had never stopped being the cheerful, caring and helpful person she was when this photo was taken. But we all knew that.
Our family, and many others, will miss her smile on the sideline, at work, on the way to the Post Office, and at her home.

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