Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cambrian's Caretaker

About 45 minutes drive up the valley from where I live, is a small community known as Cambrians. It is named after somewhere in Wales. Many years ago it had a hotel with a Welsh name. These days it has a few residents, and even more holiday homes. Recently, the school building which used to be there was returned, and put back on it's original sight.
One of the assets the village has is Bob ldeBerry. He has been living there for some years, knows everyone, misses nothing, and has a refreshing outlook on life, one that can only be nurtured by staying out of the rush of life in the big smoke. He lives on his own, mostly, but never seems to be alone, as all sorts of people call and see him. He makes excellent home brew, but I am sure this is not the reason he has so many visitors. He sure can tell a story or two.
He is pictured above, leaning on the doorway of his mud brick house.
To find out more about Bob, simply click on 'Cambrian Common Forrest Blog' on the right hand side of my screen.

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