Monday, August 31, 2009

More Books

Last week I had another job to do with books. One Ewing Stevens rang and asked if I would like to do the front cover of his 10th book. Tenth book? Some guys are indeed busy.
Anyway, I thought I would give it a try, and the photo above is one in a series I took. I do not know which one he will select, if any.
Ewing Stevens is indeed an interesting man. I must listen to the wrong radio station, as I had not heard of him, and it appears he is very well known. He runs the talk back show on Radio Live, from about midnight til 6.30am. And to me he seemed ideally suited to the job. Absolutely honest, I would say. A retired Presbyterian Minister no less, and a southern man to boot. And a fly fisherman. He had everything going for him. Those who say I live an interesting life should meet this guy.
His tenth book will be called 'Handy Hints and Quotable Quotes'. You can evidently get it through Radio Live. It is a collection of hints and quotes from all his listeners.
Ewing has two dogs, who were supposed to be in the photos with him, but they were very pleased to be busy doing other things like looking for rabbits, and did not seem to keen to be stars.
I must keep a look out for the book.

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