Monday, August 24, 2009

Just This

In the above photo are: Fergus Barrowman, Publisher, Victoria University Press; Michael Harlow, Poet and Burns Fellow, Otago University; Brian Turner, Poet; Gilbert van Reenen, Photographer.
This may be a 'dry' way of opening this post, but frankly I do not have the wit to think of anything else.
The occasion was the launch of Brian Turner's book "Just This" at Central Stories in Alexandra. At the same time, Gilbert van Reenen started an exhibition of his most recent photos.
Michael Harlow, in launching Brian's book, said it was 'not without risk'. I am not quite sure what he meant. Maybe he thought some of the poems would not work. Or is it that there is a bit of language in some poems. I have had several days to think about it, and have read most of it, but I can still not see what he meant.
Gilbert's photos are the results of infinite patience. I have seen many of the places he takes the photos, but I have never seen them as he does. This is because he gets there and waits. When the light is what he wants, he takes the photo.
Maybe this is the link between the two. When I read some of Brian's poems, like "Joy" on page 45, I can see the patience used to get the words in the right place, or just the right words. It must have taken months, or even years. Even coming up with the concept must have taken ages. Our oldest son is 25, so for 25 years I have known this joy exists, but have never been able to describe it.
We live in a community full of talent.

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