Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You talk funny 2

David Hart was a Medical Engineer from Yorkshire, England.
Some years ago he was approached by a couple with a handicapped child, who asked him to 'invent' a device to support the child in a more upright position.
The result was far beyond that. Eventually, David Hart was able to make a frame in which the child could walk.
The Hart Walker has over 1000 parts, and is infinitely adjustable. Each one costs about $NZ10,000.00.
In Australia and New Zealand, Lions Clubs pay for the Walkers wherever they are required. In many cases, they pay for the fitting as well, and they certainly organise all the six monthly re-measures.
This day at the Scout Hall in Johnsonville was organised by the Johnsonville Lions Club. They do everything from making the lunch, and the modest sign outside saying 'Another Lions Club Project' gives no hint of the drama happening inside.
In the above photo, standing behind Alyssa is Dr. Maureen Murphy, and her husband, Lions International President Al Brandel. Standing beside a STANDING Alyssa is her mother, Donna.

Before he left, Al presented the President of the Johnsonville Lions Club, Stephen Cook, with his banner. During this presentation, Al pointed out that his slogan for his year as International President was "Miracles through Service". He expanded on this, saying "Miracles through service, performed by every day Heroes". And after what we had all just seen, all knew that he was right.

I saw many highlights while in Wellington photographing the Lions Multi district Convention. However, in my view, Al and Alyssa and some of her mates, were the main event.

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