Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vineyard workers

Last Saturday I was out on a vineyard waiting for the cloud to shift off a mountain top I was trying to photograph. This group of people came over the hill and started working on the vines. I did not know who they were or what they were doing, as the vines have no leaves out yet, and whatever they were doing did not seem to involve the vines. They walked about in some sort of pattern, but it seemed to have no sense to it.
I went back again on Sunday when there was no cloud, and got the photo I wanted. Today I dropped the CD in to the vineyard, and had a talk to the manager. It seems that these people were members of the Dunstan Arm Rowing Club, and they were 'dropping the wires'. It was explained to me that before the vines start growing in spring, all the wires are hooked lower down the post, and as the grapes grow, the wires are raised to keep up. This saves the leaves and stems being broken, and means the grapes will grow within the confines of the wire, so they don't spread out everywhere, and it is easier for harvesting later.
This vineyard is one of the bigger ones around here, and a lot of this sort of work is done by groups who want to raise funds for trips etc.
None of this is relevant to the photo really. It's just that it reminded me of the patterns that Peter Peryer sees when he takes photos, there is sort of a pattern but then it is broken up in some way.
Maybe I should have cropped it down a bit, so that it just had the lines and the people, rather than any 'ends', but then it might have lost some of it's scale.
I should be careful, I might be starting to get a bit artistic.

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