Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Malcolm and Yvette

Well, it has now been done.
We have a large bridge in this town, it crosses the biggest river in New Zealand, the Clutha. However, it has not always been here. Before 1956, I think it was, the river was crossed using a single lane swing bridge, with piers made from schist, the local rock. These piers still stand in the river.
For some years I have wanted to stand a bride and her new husband on one of these old piers to take a photo. Malcolm and Yvette jumped at the chance to do something a bit different, as she knew she would not be wearing a big white dress, and they thought with a bit of help from their friends, they would be able to do it. It all depended on how high the river would be. Up a bit would be an advantage, too low would be problem, but solvable. In the end, getting there was relatively easy.
So I took some photos like this one, then rushed around to the other side, put on a longer lens, and took more photos looking through both piers.
I was quite pleased with the results, though now I have done it, I can think of all the things I should have done. Never mind. I can save these for the future.
I also must have a look at it when the sun is fully on it, as I am not sure we would have got the same results in full sun.
Thank you Malcolm and Yvette for having a go. It was good fun. In fact the whole day was good fun.


  1. Thank you Donald.You are a fantastic Photographer.Our photos are truly amazing,Malcolm,I And the kids all had a real fun day.A big thanx to Jo for the beautiful cake was beautiful.Many thanx Yvette,Malcolm,Kyle,Rion,Josh & Renae

  2. Amazing picture there Donald. All the best to the happy couple!