Monday, January 31, 2011

Humber Heavy Utility

During my travels, I meet many interesting people. Many of them have very interesting hobbies.
The restoration of old vehicles in this country has almost become a national pastime. Many hours are spent in sheds, barns and backyards 'doing it up'.
In the above photo is a Humber Heavy Utility. Made for the British Army as staff cars for the Second World War, this 4 wheel drive go anywhere 6 tonne monster some how finished up in New Zealand. It now lives in the Waikato, in a shed with 4 other WW2 trucks.
Just down the road, are several sheds full of 1930's and 40's Chevs, all being restored.
For security reasons I can not say where they are. I can tell you that all these vehicles are very well looked after.


  1. I met the the restorer and owner of this vehicle in Normandy in 1992 . He was Roy Thatcher from Hamilton NZ - a Normandy veteren who drove on of these Humber's with the 1st Army in 1944. As I took my Humber to Normandy that year, Roy travelled with me on the commemorations and parades. It was good to find the photograph and learn that the Humber is in good condition - the unit signs on the front mudguards are those of Roy's unit he was in during the war HQ 777 Car Coy RNZ ASC - best wishes Mike Hyde Halesowen, UK

  2. Mike, If you would like to contact of the present owner, click on 'my complete profile' and send me an email. I will get back to you.

  3. I believe 3 where in NZ and we owned one. I drove it in a stripped down condition and used it for opossum trapping.. 6 cylinder flathead commer motor..

  4. Dear Bob,
    Thanks for your comment.
    The owner of this one would be horrified about the possom traping bit, but every one to their own. If you want to contact him, send me an email.