Sunday, December 20, 2009


The Immune Deficiencies Foundation of New Zealand is a charitable organisation which helps those, who for any reason at all, have a reduced ability to ward off bugs and illnesses. Many of these are children who have had transplants, or other major surgery. One of the objects the Foundation has is to provide Respite Care for those families affected. And, after many years trying, the Foundation opened the first South Island house for this purpose. Ideally positioned in the Cairnmuir Holiday Park, Bannockburn, it has everything a family on holiday could want, right down to the view from the balcony.
This project was finished off by three Lions Clubs in the area, each having a different project around the house.
In the above photo, Laura Hannah, the only Board Member of the Foundation in the South Island, officially opens the house. Also in the photo are two representatives of the Lions Clubs.
In a typical Kiwi fashion, the smart looking plaque was covered with a tea towel until the opening. The speeches were short and to the point, and the BBQ that followed was excellent.
And there was no mucking about, the first guests were there within days of the opening.

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